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08/10/2011 DCC plc Flogs Boilerjuice

The Irish commodities conglomerate DCC plc's Energy Acquisitions subsidiary, has now completed the sales of heating oil website Boilerjuice. The site has been acquired by Welsummer Limited, a company understood to be controlled by Boilerjuice founder, Paul Ward.

DCC plc is a Republic of Ireland based company, which has grown to dominate the supply of home heating oil in Great Britain, since it entered the market in 2001. DCC plc's dominance has been established primarily through the acquisition of competitors. Today, the business trades under a number of well known and lesser known brands, including Bayford, Brogan Fuels, Carlton Fuels, CPL Petroleum, Emo Oil, GB Oils, Martindales, Pearts and Scottish Fuels.

DCC's decision to divest of Boilerjuice, comes only weeks after the Office of Fair Trading criticised DCC for failing to be clear about its then ownership of the website. Separately and in August, DCC's GB Oils subsidiary was fined £51,000 for overcharging customers in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, following a case brought on behalf of a number of Welsh consumers by Carmarthenshire County Council.

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