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We are a family-run, independent company servicing our members needs 7 days a week...

  • About us

    Our aim is simple:
    reduce the costs on
    your wallets and
    the environment.

  • The Oil-Club is a family-run, independent company that has been running for over 9 years. Our Managing Director, Chris, created The Oil-Club after 20 years of being an oil user himself, he noticed there were a few commonly occuring issues.

    In April 2010 Chris saw the oil prices reach a staggering 80p per litre. And a few weeks later, whilst waiting to collect his children from school he noticed 3 different oil companies drive through his small village within 10 minutes. It occurred to him that something could be done to group his order with other locals, which would reduce both the oil price and the heavy traffic to his village. And so The Oil-Club was created.

  • An independent organisation

    We have no links to any of our suppliers. Our aim is simple – reduce the cost on your wallets and the environment as much as we can. Plus membership is free!

  • Over 9 years
    of experience

    We discreetly manage +8 million litres of orders per month for our members. We're an internet-only organisation in an effort to keep our costs low & savings greater.

  • Purchase power to
    the clubs

    As club membership grows, so does the purchase power of the club. We open our orders every week from Friday - Monday all year round for most areas.

  • Reducing harmful CO2 emissions